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Your business might need application integration services:


  • If your business operations are running on disparate systems.

  • If your existing system falls short of new business requirements.

  • If you want to synchronize your business operations and make the right decisions, but the information you need is scattered across different departments.

  • If you want to improve communication and collaboration between late units within your organization and divert money, resource energy and time into more useful tasks.

  • If you’re trying to capture your target audience on an alternate platform.


  • TSAB provides seamless ERP integration services and implements advanced, high-performance technologies for your system and data integration.

  • We have skilled experts on multiple technologies, which makes us a one-stop shop for providing B2B application integration services.

  • We have adequate expertise on integrating applications running on various platforms including Windows, LAMP, cloud, mobile, third party software, and middle tiers.

  • We provide integration solutions with our service layers and implement advanced technologies for ERP integration. Based on this we can provide you with comprehensive BI and dashboards.

  • Our advanced tools can equip you with Business Intelligence (BI) reports that will empower you to make the best decisions and strengthen your business.

  • TSAB’s systems integration solutions can also automate your business processes and extend your existing system’s capabilities.

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