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Where We Can Make an Impact



TSAB provides custom AI solutions for Detecting Organized Insurance & Workers Comp fraud and providing Compliance. We use cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to analyze massive amounts of claim data. Our AI/ML Engine uses a Proprietary Algorithm to differentiate a fraudulent workers comp claim vs. a genuine claim. This allows the insurance company to save millions per year in fraudulent Claim Payouts.




In the comparatively AI-nascent field of healthcare, diseases are more quickly and accurately diagnosed, drug discovery is sped up and streamlined, virtual nursing assistants monitor patients and big data analysis helps to create a more personalized patient experience. Besides pure Healthcare, our AI engine is capable of screening diseases based on User Inputs for Symptoms and also recommends Physicians and Nutritional Supplements if needed.


Customer Retention/ Service:


 Our AI Engine can be used to improve Customer Retention by taking pro-active actions as needed based on the customer profiles. In addition, combined with our Chat Bots can be used to place human-like calls to make appointments, provide Customer Service or Technical Assistance.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing:


Adding artificial intelligence to supply chains is delivering tangible benefits for companies putting it in place. Using historical data, our AI Solutions are capable of making intelligent supply and logistic predictions, which can provide end-to-end visibility, actionable analytic insights, reduced manual human work, informed decision making. In addition, our AI Engine can be used for Equipment Predictive Maintenance that uses Machine Learning to learn from historical data and use live data to analyze failure patterns.




Using historical data combined with Real Time Weather and other Economic data, our AI Engine is capable of Energy Demand Forecasts and Energy Generation from Alternative Energy sources. In addition, AI can be used for Predictive Maintenance of equipment used for Energy Generation, Transmission and Distribution


Human Capital Management / Human Resources:


 Our AI Platform can be used to improve the retention rate by predicting the employee attrition that allows you to decide on which employees are valuable and their retention is profitable to the company. Finally, the factors that influence the employee’s intention to resign from a company is found out and can be used by the HR departments.