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General Technical Services

Computer Programmers

To support the broad change agendas of forward-thinking CIOs, TSAB can pull all of its technology capabilities together into a single integrated solution. We enhanced and expanded our ability to deliver powerful, end-to-end technology solutions required by high-performance businesses and governments. We collaborate with clients to align IT strategy and technology solutions to business strategy to improve the performance and business impact of their IT investments and to boldly transform IT to drive future business growth and innovation.


Our consultancy services include:

  • Strategy and Architecture

  • Risk Management

  • Systems Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  • Data Backup & Recovery Polices.

  • Systems Upgrade.

  • Infra-Structure & Applications Maintaining and Re-Engineering.

  • Advanced Performance Tuning.

  • Commercial Business Services

    • Managed Procurement

    • Telecommunications Expense Management

    • Asset Management Service


TSAB Technology Consulting is uniquely geared to bridge the gap between organizations’ existing IT capabilities and their vision for high performance through full digital transformation. We have:


  • A proven track record: TSAB has capabilities of successfully delivering large-scale IT transformation projects. 

  • The right resources: Drawn from all technology practice areas, our professionals bring deep experience, an understanding of business systems and an innovative approach that mitigates risk and keeps costs manageable.

  • A holistic approach: Yes, we focus on solving IT problems, but in order to create more complete solutions and positively impact business outcomes, we incorporate strategy, technologies, processes, people, IT operations and governance leading to a complete digital transformation.

  • Deep technical know-how: We're not generalists. Our professionals bring profound technology technical skills, proven methodologies and insights that collectively help our clients hit their cost and performance goals.

  • Alliances with a cluster of technology leaders: We work closely with hardware and software vendors such as Microsoft, HP, Cisco, and Oracle. Our alliance relationships let us extend the range of capabilities and solutions we can offer.

  • Global reach: TSAB can bring global resources and technical knowledge to bear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the region.

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