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Analysing data

Benefits of Our Data Quality Services:


  • Reduce costs and improve throughput and effectiveness of the organization.

  • Quickly determine the data quality of a critical data source.

  • Find the biggest risks of adding the data source to a data warehouse or migrating to a new application.

  • Determine critical business rules.

  • Learn how to generate a data profile for important data sets while establishing a shared ownership of the data quality issues with the business side.

  • Learn data profiling skills that can apply to other data source

  • Professional data quality assessment of an important subject area that will enable prioritization of data quality improvement projects based on the impact to business and cost of implementation.

  • Determine readiness to move towards an EQTL model.

  • Learn a method for continuous improvement of the organization’s data quality.

  • Learn the best practices of the established data quality

  • practitioners.

  • Open windows into data quality at your organization.

  • Have the ability to include data quality and data profiling as an integral part of your data integration process.

  • Possess an end-to-end data quality solution.


Our Data Quality Services:


  • Big Data

  • Data Governance

  • Data Migration

  • Data Quality in Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Data Quality in Data Warehouse

  • Data Synchronization

  • Extract, transform, load (ETL) data for Analytics

  • Master Data Management

  • Service-Oriented Architecture


Our “BIG DATA” Solution / Enterprise Data Warehouse:


There is a need for the data to be in “order” and “mapped”. The “order” understands where the data exists in the business process flow. Due to the typical nature of most enterprises data moves along the value stream via interfaces, conversions, enhancements and other system integration points which require a subject matter expertise in the “order” of the specific functions of the end-to-end business process flow.


The functional-technical understanding of where this data resides so it can be “mapped” or traced back to a KPI, or reporting requirement is a separate skill set. We a accomplish both!

Also, we provide specialized services in the following fields:


  • Data Quality Assessment

  • Adding Qualification to Data Warehouses.

Data Quality Services

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