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Industrial Internet of Things

Ai enabled IoT creates intelligent machines that simulate smart behavior and supports in decision making with little or no human interference. While IoT deals data acquisition from remote devices/sensors, Ai-based analytics using Minsky™ makes the devices learn from their data and experience. We provide custom IoT development services that enable businesses to manage their operational efficiency, set up processes, and provide data visibility by integrating IoT apps, IoT sensors, mobile devices, cloud services, and physical objects into a hyper-connected ecosystem built using Minsky™.

Our mission is to build end-to-end industrial IoT solutions using our low-cost “plug N play” products that are secured and can be seamlessly connected to our integrated platform (IIoTSuite) or to any IIoT cloud platform for data analytics/ artificial intelligence.

Our focus is to bring innovative and intelligently engineered end-to-end industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions to meet business challenges of customers in the Agricultural, Industrial, and Manufacturing verticals. Our company brings value-added solutions to customers to reduce cost and increase efficiency through the utilization of qualified consultants who are experts in their respective specializations. We offer a variety of customer engagement models, which include fixed price, risk and reward, profit sharing based on increased operational efficiency, reducing costs and meeting superior quality metrics.

Our fixed-bid project execution methodologies for turnkey solutions combined with the focus on strong client relationships and quality have enabled us to gain outstanding client references. We provide outcome-based turnkey solutions blending industry best practices and ideas to fulfill customers’ expectations. We help our clients achieve organizational objectives and maximize their Return on Investment (ROI).

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