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Information & Industrial Technologies

Tech-Savvy Advisory Bureau (TSAB) offers best-in-class IT solutions to clients through combining technical know-how, technology and research to support businesses to enhance efficiency. This is achieved through the proper and effective application of leading- edge information technologies.

In addition in-house technologies, we extend our services to include implementation of various information & niche industrial technologies offered by major international technology providers.

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Our Services

ERP Solutions

We deliver end-to-end application services according to your product concept. From project planning, validation, and testing to deployment we help businesses like yours create apps your customers seek utilizing the best ERP solutions in the market:

Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Our mission is to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to execute tasks naturally associated with human intelligence, like speech recognition, decision-making, visual perception, and translating languages. To implement this we use machine learning, deep learning, NLP and neural networks or any branch of AI wherever required to perform complex tasks such as predictions, recommendations, anomaly detection and much more.       >>>> 

Industrial Technologies

Due to its multidisciplinary management team who possesses a wealth of contacts and close relationships with developers of wide-range technologies in Europe, North America, and SE Asia, TSAB is in a good position to help our clients fill their technology gaps in a timely and efficient manner.      >>>>


“We have received tens of proposals & interviewed proposed teams for our ERP project. Yours, by far, excel in

every aspect.”

Mr. A. Al-Sinani
VP, Riyadh Schools

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For more information about our firm, Tech-Savy Advisory Bureau (TSAB), please our Library section, which is intended to provide you with more details about our services and technologies in the form of downloadable and printable documents.