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Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

We partner with Rebellion Photonics, USA (RP), to provide advanced gas detection/ imaging technologies, which have many advantages over the ones currently available in the market. This allows our clients to achieve a higher return on investment and a much better efficiency. Some of the key advantages of our cameras can be summarized as follows:


  • Coverage: while most cameras available in the market have a coverage range of several meters, the range of our cameras is 1700 m and therefore, can replace a huge number of traditional cameras.

  • Maintenance & Calibration: RP cameras are the only self-calibrating cameras in this category and have minimal technical defects &maintenance fees.

  • Endurance: Rugged cameras that can be used both indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Accuracy: RP cameras reach accuracy as high as 97% after initial calibration and could come close to this accuracy even before calibration.

  • RP is the only imaging camera that can both image and quantify gas leaks at the same time.No false alarms!

  • Vehicle-mounted: Can monitor large areas in a timely fashion and with high precision

Awards and prizes granted to RP technology:


  • 2013 Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year

  • 2012 R&D 100 Award

  • 2011 Prism Award Finalist

  • 2010 Goradia Innovation Prize

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