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Technology, Gap Analysis, Selection, & Transfer

Due to its multidisciplinary management team who possesses a wealth of contacts and close relationships with developers of wide-range technologies in Europe, North America, and SE Asia, TSAB is in a good position to help our clients fill their technology gaps in a timely and efficient manner.

We have successfully worked with our clients in exploring, identifying, and implementing unique technologies that enormously transformed their business processes and helped achieve their operational goals.

TSAB Business Model

  • Partner with clients to identify current and future technological demands in the local market.

  • Source the best-in-class technologies in the world capitalizing on our consultants' vast network of international connections.

  • Build lasting and healthy relations with technology providers that protect customers’ interests and ensure effective technology transfer.

  • Jointly work with technology partners to set up maintenance operations that are scalable to local assembly and manufacturing units.

  • Collaborate with local research institutes to contribute in building a vibrant technology base.

  • Promote intensive scientific and technical training and adopt an efficient nationalization program to ensure the retention of acquired knowledge and expertise and sustain growth.

  • Avoid being another traditional agency!

Our Technologies
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