LED Lighting



Our partner, HPWINNER, is an ambitious company that is becoming a worldwide leader in high-power LED lighting industry. Since its establishment in July, 2011 by Mr. Kai Chen, an innovative entrepreneur from the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, HPWINNER has been rapidly developing its business all over the world. It ranked the second in Top-10 Chinese LED Street Light companies in both 2013 and 2014. They call it “HPWINNER Phenomenon”.

Over 100 of 400 employees constitute the design team, each graduated from well-known universities in China and overseas in the areas of optics, thermodynamics, industrial design, electrical engineering, information engineering, the arts, etc. The abilities of this powerful team gives HPWINNER unmatched technical strengths that have allowed it to apply for over 500 domestic patents. On average, the company applies for over one patent per week, and that speed is increasing. Therefore, it offers a secure backing for clients’ intellectual properties.

One-stop services not only need to be brimming with innovation, but also to pay attention to each detail and provide careful craftsmanship. HPWINNER owns a strong design and R&D force, but its biggest strength also lies in the ability to mass-produce in a short time.

The production department is currently able to produce about 10 million sets of luminaries and accessories per year. 


HPWINNER is now the NO. 1 strategic partner of Lumileds (Top 4 chips suppliers) in high-power LED components.

From the production materials, production of core components, down to the assembly lines, all the way to quality inspection, packaging, storage, and logistics, each process is methodically done in the pursuit of perfection.

Advantages of Our High-Power Lamps

  • High efficiency (more than 91%)

  • Long lifespan (7-year guarantee)

  • Weather and explosion proof.

  • Heat dissipation of honeycomb briquette effect.

  • Heat dissipation of the whole structure. 

  • Ergonomic light distribution.

  • Tool-free maintenance (modular).

  • Double-coupling IP68 protection.

  • Intelligent lighting.

  • Free serialization.

  • Authorized laboratory in the LED lighting industry.


  • 2014 National High-tech Enterprise

  • 2017 Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center

  • An inventor of new industrial techniques, and a formulator of new international standards

  • Over 700 worldwide patents