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Bros-Plus™ is used for heavy contamination, but is particularly efficient in eliminating any product remaining from physical removal as well as crude oil present on soil and vegetation.

Bros-PlusTM is a 100% organic product that is made of natural collagen fiber.

It consists of a high concentration of microbial load, supplemented with enzymes and nutrients of special compounds to accelerate the process of biodegradation of hydrocarbon in the affected areas.

The process starts immediately and beaks down hydrocarbons in seconds to minutes. Large spills break down in hours and the complete remediation of the environment occurs in only days to weeks.

Advantages of Bros-Plus™

  • Bioremediates (applied superficially or injected) of all types of soils contaminated by crude oil spills and other hydrocarbons.

  • It can be use on vegetation and to clean animals contaminated with hydrocarbons.

  • It can be applied safely on open waters as it is 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

  • It tends to regulate its own Ph. It works on Ph between 4 and 11.

  • It requires only ONE application!

  • It works both aerobically and anaerobically. Adding oxygen speeds up the process

  • It is also an efficient industrial bio-degreaser.

  • It can be used as viscosity reducer and quality improver of heavy and extra heavy crude oil.


  • Accepted by the Dept. of Environment of Florida

  • Accepted - Certified by the USDA

  • Accepted by the Environmental Department, Trinidad

  • Accepted by major oil companies worldwide

  • ٍSuccessfully controlled Louisiana oil spill disaster in 2010

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