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TK Safety Technology Alloy helps to stop explosions and prevent fire from occurring within any tank filled with gasoline, diesel, gas, petroleum or any other type of flammable, gaseous or liquid substance. This patented alloy is manufactured in 3D mesh, ball or textile format to form a unique non-combustible material that is Fire, Blast, Moisture, Corrosion, heat, sound and electromagnetic wave resistant.

Safety Alloy completely prevents oxidation within the interior part of the tank and in turn stops explosions from occurring a 100% of the time. The kinetic energy of gases is restrained in its radial advance from the starting point of inflammation so the progression in “onion layers” is destroyed. The calorific energy that contributes to the chain reaction is cushioned by the great heat absorption by the surface of the mesh.

Advantages of TK Safety Alloy

  • Anti-Explosive

  • Anti-B.L.E.V.E.

  • Anti-Slosh.

  • Anti-Oxidation

  • Reduces vaporization of fuels

  • Light weight

  • Easy to apply & use

  • Eco-Friendly & 100% recyclable.

  • Product longevity (valid for over 10 years)

  • No maintenance (minimum supervision is required).

  • Manufactured under full EU Quality & Safety Standards.

  • Compatible with all types of combustibles


  • Approved by U.S. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

  • Approved & Used by UK Health & Safety Authorities.

  • Approved & Used by Major Oil Companies.

  • Adopted by International Motor Racing.

  • Adopted by International Power Boat Racing.

  • Approved and Used by NATO

  • Approved & Used by British Royal Aeronautical Society

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